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We are tired not from doing too much; but from not doing enough of what fuels us.

*Perspective Fridays*

I was really tired, overworked and stressed out two weeks ago, on the back of a long, unforgiving work stretch.

One Saturday morning, as the big projects were winding down, I spent a FANTASTIC morning with my son and wife, shopping, playing in the park, eating.

After I put down my son for his nap, I came across this quote and it shook me.

Being so busy, I had forgotten to do all the things that gave me energy: being present with family, teaching, mentoring, reading, playing soccer, even lounging about!

This quote got to the core of it: We are ALL busy from morning to night, no matter what line of work we are in.

What separates joyful times from non-joyful times is the amount we spend on doing things that ENERGIZE us.

Sometimes it’s just half an hour a day, every other day, once a week, etc.

But it’s NECESSARY to fuel the rest.

We are tired not from doing too much (because we all do too much); but from not doing enough of what actually fuels us.

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