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The Lederly Sign!

When I was a kid, in Tehran, most days, my dad would pick me up from school.

And on the way home, on the highway, we would pass by this beautiful sign, shining over highway walls.

I’d look at it - the way kids rest their heads against the back window, curiously peering outside, sometimes steaming the glass - in awe, turning my head with the sign, as we passed it by.

It said, magically, in beautiful cursive English, “Lederly.”

I would spend hours and hours, in my mind, recreating the beautiful cursive lines of the L, and the e, and the r, and the y. (I could never re-draw the d in my mind.)

Hopefully, one day soon, Iran will be free, and I could travel back — I’d LOVE to see that sign, shining, again!

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