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New York Hot Dogs!

I’ll never forget the hot, hit-the-spot hot dog I inhaled, starving, on a freezing, cold day in New York, 3 minutes before I was due inside a skyscraper for an interview.

I “got” New York hot dogs that day.

“Too many people consider food vendors a nuisance, or somehow déclassé. In fact they play a vital role—not just by feeding people, but as living records of their cities’ changing habits and demography.

“These carts were unknown a couple of decades ago, when souvlaki was the street lunch of choice. But as immigration from Greece slowed and Greek vendors aged, newer arrivals took their place. That cycle recurs around the world.

“In time, the chicken and lamb that Mr Baioumy sells may seem as unremarkably American as bagels or hot dogs, both of which were once the province of immigrant vendors.”

THIS is the America I love ❤️ 🤍 💙

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