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If you need more love, love more.

We often have a need to feel loved; to feel seen.

So we go out and search for it; search for someone to love us; or, if we have someone who we think loves us, we seek affirmation; confirmation; "tell me you love me!"

But someone asked me a profound question last weekend. He asked, "When someone loves another person, who is it that feels the love?"


The person *giving* the love most certainly feels the love. The person *receiving* it, may or may not feel it.

That question was profound.

When we need love, we seek it.

But, we should really give it.

That's a sure way to feel love.

That's why true, great leaders look so happy doing what they do -- they ooze happiness, warmth and love, even though it looks like they're only *giving*.

If you need more love, don't seek it.

If you need more love, love more.

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