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"How would you live if today was your last day?"

The correct way to do the "today is my last day" meditation, or "what would you do if today was your last day" meditation:

We all have heard the cliche, "how would you live if today was your last day?"

We often acknowledge its truth, but quickly move on -- knowing, deep down, that it's unrealistic to live like that. (After all, I can't just pack up and go to Hawaii right now.... what happens tonight, tomorrow?)

But, that's not what this meditation is meant to do.

Statistically speaking, most days we live are NOT going to be our last day of life.

A better way of framing the meditation is this:

- What if this is the last time I get to play with my son like this?

- What if this the last 1:1 I have with my colleague -- what would I want her or him to remember it by?

- What if this is the last conversation I'm having with my partner, my parent -- how would I want to leave her or him feeling?

This meditation is not meant to force you into drastic changes in your life. Rather, it is meant to be a reminder -- a small but a very powerful one -- to be intentional, cognizant, and caring towards situations.

Try it before your next meeting, and see if it makes a difference?

(Picture is of my own reminder, which I have taped behind my monitor on my wall.)

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