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Find synergies in your activities!

One of my law student mentees asked me how he can manage his time better, given school work, internships, searching for jobs, networking, and all the other things he's expecting of himself.

One incredible technique I've learned over the years, from watching great leaders, is actively cultivating SYNERGIES among your activities.

For example, my mentee:

(1) has a term paper due on privacy at the end of the semester.

(2) is also looking for a Big Law job.

(3) also wants to get better at networking.

You can approach these tasks as 3 separate tasks.

But you can also approach them as one synergetic whole.

I told my mentee:

(A) Reach out to Big Law lawyers who specialize in privacy, and ask if you can interview them about your paper.

(B) If they say yes, they'll become part of your network, and will help you on your paper too.

(C) If you continue your relationship, you can artfully start asking about positions at their firms.

(D) They're more likely to help you because they already know you & know you're curious about their field.

Approaching your tasks holistically, and with an eye to cultivating synergies, will free up your time and make your tasks more fulfilling too.

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