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Anxiety Management #2: Love, is in the giving, not the receiving!

Post #2 in Anxiety Series (link to post #1 here:

*Love, is in the giving, not the receiving.*

Recall, I'd asked my therapist to help me manage my life-long struggle against anxiety.

He told me a story, about a scene from a movie, he had seen years ago.

In that scene, a mother whose young son has died, is alone at home; on the couch, under the covers; watching childhood home videos of her son; crying quietly, incessantly. Her son is gone forever; and she can never, ever, feel his love, again.

Then, in the scene, the camera pans up, and shows the (soul of the) son; sitting on a perch; watching his mother; with a beautiful, deep smile on his face.

My therapist said: "From the point of view of the mother, this is a sad scene; because the mother can never love her child again."

"But from a higher perspective - where the son is sitting - this scene is FULL OF LOVE! What love higher, purer, than a mother's love for her child?!"

If you look at things from a higher perspective, you'll find the things you thought were missing, originally.

At least because you, yourself, can be the source of those missing things. YOU, can bring love into any situation.


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